Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uh-oh....confession time

So last night, David got home from band practice and saw Callie's "artwork" on the kitchen wall. He asked what happened and I told him that Callie drew on the wall, got in trouble, was VERY sad, and I didn't have the energy to scrub it all off. He got this look on his face and said "that's probably my fault." I was like WHAT?!?! I had brought the kids up to his office yesterday morning while I had my OB appointment. He let them play basketball and stuff in the gym, and then also apparently took him to some office that had a WHITE BOARD. Callie (and the boys too) loved drawing on the board. He said he thinks she probably thought the WALL was another white board for her draw on!! Poor baby - I felt bad that her DADDY got her into trouble!!!


Judy said...

Oh well, we all have those moments. But it is rather funny!

What was not funny, was when I was at church one time with Christian, McKenna, Abby and Nathan. It was about a year ago, so that meant everyone was a bit younger. Abby and Christian were drawing on a dry eraser board with dry eraser markers in one of the classrooms. I didn't think much of it because they were occupied and actually going something creative. What I failed to notice was that Nathan got one of the dry erase markers and was coloring on the pull down video screen in the room. Yeah, the screen that cost about $200 (I found out later). It was not a great moment and I hated having to tell what he did. Thankfully it all came off with some serious scrubbing from my magic eraser the next day.

The Stein Family said...

Too funny -- at least now you know it was an honest mistake :)