Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireworks - Schrodt Style!

Friday night was Fourth of July EVE! One of the most exciting things about living down here is that fireworks are LEGAL here! In Virginia Beach, you aren't allowed to shoot your own off. So we were VERY excited about our new opportunity here. My kids had really never done anything like this before - even sparklers, so it was SO much fun. I must say that David had a GREAT time - totally LOVED being in charge of setting them off. It was sort of weird that HE was THE dad now doing all that, you know? What fun!!!

David lighting the first "snake" know, those little pellets made of ash that just "grow" when you light them. Gross. But I remember them as a kid, and sure enough, our kids all loved them!

Sparklers were a HUGE hit. I had tried to describe them to Josiah and Jacob - that they were the only fireworks the kids would be allowed to hold, but they had no concept really. Boy were they EXCITED once they saw them!

Mom writing her name in the air with her sparkler!


Jacob with 2 sparklers....

...and Josiah the Ninja (or something) with his 2 sparklers.

Chris and Kristen (the happy couple :) ). Chris was a real trooper to drive up here with Kristen and spend the weekend with all of us crazy sisters and our families!!! They started dating last September and we've enjoyed getting to know him better.

And then the fireworks show began!!!

Crazy David - just couldn't resist!

The kids found the perfect viewing spot - on top of David's car!

I think the men were getting ready to light the finale - it was quite elaborate and took all 3 of them to light them!!!

Here's the two PASTORS of the family - David and David!! Look a little NUTS don't they? :)

David and Chris choreographing some more lighting...

One big giant snake towards the end....


The Stein Family said...

Your kids are so much more brave than mine! Glad your fireworks experience was a good one! The kids (and David) look like they hada blast!

Sheila said...

The 2 pastors? They looks as full of life and as fun as the pastors at our church! Our children's pastor is a hoot!
Glad you all had a great! 4th of July eve!

Judy said...

You know I loved this post! I love to see people enjoying fireworks (even though we have an endless supply and rarely do them). Were they TNT?? You know I had to ask!! I love the picture of David being goofy! Fun times!

anthonyandbeth said...

oh that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! the BIG boys look hilarious posing in front of the fireworks!!! i bet the neighbors were impressed how well the Schrodt's do fireworks.