Sunday, July 12, 2009

And Then....MORE Friends!!!

What a fun, full weekend!!! Beth & Anthony called us at the last minute and asked if they could come through on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. And of COURSE I said YES please do!!! Anthony had some work to do in Charleston, and Beth was going to spend a few days with her sister and her in-laws, so we were a perfect stop-through for them! We were so excited to finally get to see them again - it felt like it had been tooooo long! It was a quick visit, but we're SO glad they came. Beth & I often make little mid-week trips with the kids, but the husbands are always working and get left out of the fun. And since they stayed through Sunday, they were able to come see our new church and see David lead the services. They even came to BOTH services so they could get the FULL experience and see David do both the choir & the band. We've already got the next visit on the books, so that helps make the goodbyes a bit easier. Keep booking those business trips to Charleston, Anthony - I LOVE getting to see everyone on the stop-through! :)

Callie and Addison

Josiah and Harrison playing Disney Scrabble Jr. They are both definitely gamers! :)

it's not easy getting a picture after church on can see I wasn't quick enough with Josiah - he had already run in and changed clothes before I could tell him to sit for a picture! Oh well!
Beth & I
Addison decked out and ready to chill at the pool for a bit.

The girls in their boats in the kiddie pool

Bathing beauties! :) I was very jealous of Beth and her SO cute Land's End suit...I miss mine from last year already!!! She looks fabulous!

The daddies and the boys in the big pool...

This was hilarious - Beth was packing their stuff up to leave on Sunday afternoon after we'd gotten back from the pool. Addison wasn't too keen on her mommy not holding her, so I scooped her up. Callie then came over and pretended to cry just like Addison - even put her fingers in her mouth like Addison does. I'm thinking it's going to be an interesting few weeks/months once our own baby arrives! :)


Courtney said...

and another full, busy weekend for you! SAD i missed you this morning. i was in the shower...CLEANING it! :-) hope you're taking a GOOD nap right now! love you!

Judy said...

Katy, you are amazing. How long have you lived in that house and how many guests have you had??? Oh that's right and you're 9 months pregnant! You must be exhausted, although that pool looks so refreshing! None of the neighborhoods around here have pools. We have one pool for our whole town and it cost $750 for the first year. Yikes! We're not doing that, although I might change my mind in August.
Well, I'm glad you got to see Beth and the kids. I'm sure it's helped your kids emotionally to be able to see so many friends/cousins in their new home.

Mandy said...

Wow! What a crazy few weeks you've had!! How fun that the Williams' got to come...we probably passed each other on the highway! :)

anthonyandbeth said...

well i've already told you many times but i'll take the time to tell you again...we had SO much fun visiting with y'all. it was WONDERFUL to just spend time and to have the chance to see where you live! we LOVE your house. it's perfect for you. David is doing a fabulous job getting it painted just right. :) the boys loved it and i even think Addison enjoyed spending time with a girl friend. :)

LOVE your church and SO excited about the opportunity there! it seems like a wonderful place! i can't say enough about how exciting it was to see David in his new role at Northside. i know we're biased, but we just think y'all are wonderful! :)

thanks for being willing to host one more group. i know there have been a lot of visitors lately. :)