Thursday, July 16, 2009

No More Baths

I don't mean no one is allowed to bath anymore. But no one is allowed to take anymore baths in my big jetted tub in the master bathroom. It's one of the sad things about pregnancy for me - not being able to take a hot bath. But David has enjoyed it, and the kids absolutely LOVE the bubbles! I, however, am declaring that it is not to be used again until AFTER I have this baby. It is TOO hard to clean with my big belly now!

Speaking of cleaning, it's been harder today. All of it. Vacuuming, sweeping, even emptying the trash cans is wearing me out (although the kids did most of that). Getting ready to mop the kitchen floor and downstairs bathroom and then I'm done. The upstairs baths are not going to get mopped - and I'm okay with that! I'm not naive enough to think "this is the last big cleaning before..." - I know I probably have two more at least. Sigh.

And one more thing. While I was waiting for David to come home from band practice, I found this show called "I didn't even know I was pregnant". WHAT in the world? It seriously is beyond me. Especially with as PREGNANT as I am!!! VERY strange.


Courtney said...

i didn't last nearly as long as you with the big bathtub...and now all 4 of them take baths in it :-)

the mccollums... said...

ha ha...I would love to watch that show.. We have a friend who was an EMT in Fairfax and also Charlotte...and he has a few stories of people that didn't know they were pregnant or tried to labor and delivery on their own...ha ha, its a riot, probably like the show.

The Stein Family said...

Where do you find that energy? Seriously, with this pregnancy I could sleep all day and night and still not be rested up -- I have become a professional slacker...and a clean house? I'm not sure I remember what that looks like :) I wanna be like you when I grow up!

Jen said...

I know the feeling of cleaning that big tub, I'm glad we hardly use it though. Although when I was preggo with Anna it was easier for me to get in the big bath tub with Erin and bathe her than to lean over the side of her tub. Guess you do whatcha gotta do!

Judy said...

I've watched that show before. I think it's fascinating because I can hardly believe it. How on earth can you be nine months pregnant and not know it? I guess it does happen.
I think you should just put the kids in the pool everyday and forget about baths. I hate to say it but if I was nine months pregnant I would probably do that.

anthonyandbeth said...

that big belly stage can really be a bother! :) so cool that your tub has jets!

and no, i can't imagine NOT knowing you're pregnant. something must be wrong with those people! :)