Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday ended up being quite a full day. David spent most of the morning in the yard - mowing, edging, raking, sweeping, bush-trimming, etc. It was the first major yard day that David's had to do (more than the normal just mowing and edging kind of thing). It looks great though - I know he's very proud of our home, and enjoys doing it. Oh, and Beth, he even organized the garage a bit! :) (Beth & Anthony clean out their garage more than anyone I know! Seriously!). He wants to put shelving up in their, but until then, at least it's neat!! (Another side note...I LOVE having a garage to park in!).

I was able to get some of my cooking done in the afternoon. I had done my shopping at Sam's and Walmart the day before and was happy to start filling my freezer again. It has probably been 5 months or so since I've done a major cooking like this. I used to do it every month, but when we found out about the move and that David was leaving in April, we switched to "eating up the freezer/fridge/pantry" mode. I didn't do any major cooking while he was gone, and so this felt VERY good. It was nice to "break-in" my kitchen too - and use it and my appliances to their fullest potential! :)

Saturday night, the band from church had a little shower for us and it was GREAT to have an evening to just eat and fellowship together! We are SO blessed to be surrounded by such a talented group of musicians, and even more priviledged to get to know them more!!

Here's the girls!!
L-R Regina (her husband plays electric guitar, Laurie (vocalist), me (can't miss the big prego one), Allyson (vocalist - she hosted the party), Michelle (vocalist), and Jennifer (Jay's wife - he plays drums).
Allyson had made these cute little things for David and I to wear - they had candy pacifiers attached to them. His looked like a necklace/chain, and mine was like a corsage. Callie was totally in love with it. She's totally fixated on pacifiers lately - she never took one hardly a day in her life, but thinks they are amazing right now! anytime she hears a baby cry or sees one at the mall, she says "baby have a paci?"
Laurie MADE us this BEAUTIFUL sage green blanket for Baby Caleb - I LOVE it! (and Callie loves it too - she put it over her head immediately and started spinning around and around. The girl thinks every party is for her!)


anthonyandbeth said...

how wonderful! i love that you are part of such a wonderful group of people! LOVE the blanket!

hilarious about the garage! i know you think we're crazy but you'll be doing it more often than you think. :) it can easily become a dumping ground and then it needs a cleaning. :) you DO have a beautiful yard! i paid careful attention to all the beautiful landscaping! love it! i know David is happy to work to make it all it can be! :)

Courtney said...

LOVE that blanket (but i have a slight obsession with blankets...) and beth's right about the garage. it gets cluttered SO quickly. and you won't be able to stand it! and it gathers dirt and leaves and...well..anyways.

hope you finish your cooking soon and can check that off!

thinking of you SO often!

The Stein Family said...

Love that blanket! I wish I could crochet!

Judy said...

Ohhh...I love that blanket! How sweet of Callie to model it for us!