Friday, July 3, 2009

A morning at the zoo!

On Friday morning, we ventured off to show everyone our zoo that we love so much. My kids loved showing the cousins all their favorite spots and the weather was beautiful so we had a great morning.
ALMOST all of the boy cousins (don't know where Matthew was), but Baby Joe is in the stroller, then Jacob & Josiah in the front, John and Luke in the back.

Almost all of them again, except Joseph...he was in a stroller somewhere. We were waiting for the train to pick us up from the garden side and take us over to the animals.

LOVE riding this little train!
Feeding the giraffes some lettuce (Mary said that at their zoo in tampa, they feed the giraffes graham crackers! I guess different areas eat different things!)

Jacob trying to get as CLOSE as he possibly can to that giraffe!

Matthew and Callie in front of the glass window in the gorilla house. They got a big kick out of the gorilla just laying there. He was HUGE!

I think this is the only picture of me holding Joseph from the whole weekend. With that much family around, it was hard to get my hands on him! But BOY is he a cutie!!!

Jacob, John, and Josiah - the 3 Flowers!


The Stein Family said...

At our zoo, we feed the giraffes leaves from the tree. No special diet for them here! You look great, by the way!

anthonyandbeth said...

little Joseph is such a cutie! love his rolls! you look FABULOUS in that picture! so glad you have such a great zoo so close by!