Friday, July 17, 2009


I love Fridays now. David has them off because Sunday is a "work day" for him, and so it feels like we get two Saturdays in a row! It's SO nice!

David took the kids to the pool this morning while I had my OB appointment of the week. No, they didn't send me straight to the hospital, but all is well. Everyone's doing great - baby continues to measure exactly on track, all looks very healthy, etc, etc. I'm 2 cm, which may be TMI for some of you, but I know some of you want to know! It's been the same with all of my kids, so for those of you that have been thinking this baby would come early with all the stress & craziness that our lives have entailed, I STILL think you're wrong! So a good visit.

During nap time, David finished painting Callie's new dresser and it looks adorable. It's not the sturdiest piece of furniture, but it looks cute with the fresh paint, and will hold her clothes - and it was $25 - so I'm happy. Going to switch out the clothes tomorrow, so I can FINALLY put the baby's clothes in HIS dresser!

Then we headed to Picture People to have the kids' pictures taken - last time with only 3 kids! It went amazingly well - seriously, probably the best pictures since I had only 1 kid to make smile! Josiah looked REALLY old to was strange. They did great though - I was excited to see such great shots. I wonder if I can post the digital picture that they send me in an email?

I did my grocery shopping while we were out that way too, so that I can cook one last time and fill my freezer before the baby comes. It will make me feel better that I've got meals ready for coming months.

So a successful day! All the kids are in bed, and now David and I can relax!!! Happy Friday!


Courtney said...

yay! YES you can post that picture! please do! :-) can't wait to see it! have a good second saturday!!!

Erica said...

ok so I am one of THOSE who wanted to know. I was quickly scrolling through the blog to see how much you were dilated. haha That is the highlight of the week when you are so close. i always wanted to know!

Glad everything is going great. He will be here in no time, even if he isnt "on time"

Enjoy your night.

anthonyandbeth said...

i'm glad you gave us the "details". i love that stuff at this stage of the game. :) hope you got your cooking done. i know it will make you feel good to have some meals in the freezer before Caleb arrives.