Friday, July 3, 2009

Surprises #3 and #4

So now it's time for Surprise #3 and #4 to be unveiled. On Monday night, I had called Kristen to get some last minute birthday ideas for her (her birthday was Tuesday). While we were talking, I said "are you SURE you can't come up for the weekend? it's not a bad drive at all." Well, she called me back the next day (Tuesday) and said that she thought they could do it - her boyfriend Chris was able to reschedule some of his work from Friday to Monday, so they were going to make a go of it. She told Mom she was coming (Kristen can't handle surprises very well either), but we decided not to tell anyone else. Kelli knew she was coming - that was partly how I convinced Kelli to come ("you don't want to be the ONLY sister not here do you?) So Kim and her family didn't know they were coming, and Kristen didn't know that KELLI was already going to be here!! Are you following?

So after all the slip and slide fun, we were relaxing in the house that afternoon before dinner time when Kristen and Chris arrived!! More fun!!!

Here's Chris and Kristen SNEAKING up to the front door. David let them in and they just walked in and surprised everyone!

Poor Kim - we about gave her a heart attack this weekend! Mom knew Kristen was coming, and was SO excited to see her. Kim was SHOCKED - as you can see!!! :)

Kim & Kristen hugging!!

And here was Surprise #4 - when Kristen turned and saw that KELLI was here!! It was hilarious!!! Kristen and Kelli had lunch together on Wednesday afternoon - right before Kelli left for the airport, but Kelli kept it a total secret from her. It was GREAT! So lots of fun - and quite a relief once all the surprises were out. No more secret text messaging for people on the road or at the airport - everyone was finally there!!!

Callie and Chris were hanging out on the couch...

Here's Kristen and Kelli talking all about how the secret was able to be pulled off....

Not an "official" picture of the four sisters because we're not sitting in birth order (we are ALWAYS in birth order for pictures), but here we all are, with a few extra babies thrown in there!!
(L-R Kim, Katy (with Baby Joseph), Kristen (with Callie), Kelli


The Stein Family said...

How wonderful! Seems like SC is good 'middle ground' for your family -- What a way to christen a new home!

Courtney said...

love all the surprises! :-) you guys are hysterical!

Judy said...

I love all these surprises!! SO fun! I don't know how you kept it all a secret. I probably couldn't have.
The best part is how you captured it on camera! I feel like I was there :)

anthonyandbeth said...

i love how you had a surprise for everyone it seemed! Kristin's face is priceless! :) love that you and your sisters could be all together with your mom too!