Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

I'll try and have some pictures to post later on this afternoon. We had a good weekend. Had the hospital tour on Saturday morning, so now we actually now where to go if this baby ever comes. We had the whole gang with us of course, which probably freaked out the first time moms that were doing the tour with us. They asked us as many questions as they asked of the doula! Pretty funny. Also got my hospital bag "packed" - well, the stuff is in a pile anyways. I haven't actually pulled the BAG out of the closet yet.

David has almost got the boys' room painted. I'll take a picture of it later on today - it's adorable. He's got to do the stripes on one more wall and then it will be all done, but it looks GREAT - the boys were so excited.

I had a couple of hours of contractions last night while David was painting. Nothing terrible and not SUPER consistent, but then they stopped. Surprisingly, I slept very well. David said he didn't - he kept waiting for me to tell him "it's time". We've got company coming over for dinner tonight, and I've got to run to the grocery store to get some things for the week. So life goes on!!! We're doing well though!


Judy said...

I'm glad you updated today because I was thinking about you all weekend just wondering if Caleb was making his grand entrance yet! Oh I can't wait to see him. Is your mom going to be able to come help you for a few days? Do you have your "middle of the night" plan figured out? I guess you must by now! These are certainly exciting days for you guys. Just know that somebody way up North is praying for you!

Jenn said...

Ummm...I canNOT believe you are about to have a baby. Like SOON. I'm so sure!! Can't wait!!!! :)

The Stein Family said...'re not allowed to go the whole weekend anymore without posting (if you make it to the next weekend, that is!), I thought for sure you had headed to the hospital this weekend. Take care of yourself!