Saturday, July 4, 2009

Flag Shirts are Back!

Last year was so sad because for the first time in ages, Old Navy didn't sell their flag shirts for 4th of July. We've been buying them every year for the last 10 or 15 years (seriously) - and we are that goofy family that all shows up in matching shirts - I love it (the brother-in-laws don't love it so much!). You know how I am with traditions though, so I was happy that after all the complaints I KNOW they got last year, they brought them back. Mom bought the shirts for the WHOLE family and we proudly wore them all day!
David and David both had their quiet times outside on the deck in the mornings. It was the only quiet place in the house!
Some of the kids worked on a puzzle that Mom had brought them. Notice Jacob wrapped all up in his blanket - that's a sure sign that he is EXHAUSTED!!! It was QUITE the weekend!

Baby Joseph even had patriotic swim trunks for the holiday!

After spending the morning at the pool, we came home and grilled out a yummy all-American lunch: burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob (I bought 25 ears of corn!!), ranch potato salad, and watermelon (I think that's everything). Matthew was already asleep when we ate, but when he woke up, he came to the table and asked for some of Kim's corn. She gave him her cob, but she had already eaten all the corn. I gave him his own ear, and Kim said he had never had corn on the cob before. WHAT?!?!? He LOVED it of course!

Mom and Joseph - her youngest grandchild for a little while longer!

Oh that tired baby! We wore him out too!

Luke and John were trying so hard to get him to laugh. He smiled, but no laugh yet!

The four sisters!
Kim, Kelli, a very pregnant Katy, and Kristen

Here's all mom's grandkids!
L-R Jacob, Josiah, Callie, Luke, Matthew, John, Mary, and Joseph
(it's like reading through the bible, isn't it?)
Mary and Kim playing speed (I believe Mary won twice!)

Josiah working on a project - Matthew got a cool new drill set for his birthday that both of my boys absolutely loved!

Callie in Mom's lap (again) reading books. She would keep mom cornered all the time if she could!

These four boys were absolutely hilarious. They were absolutely inseparable, and most of the time in their own world playing/talking transformers or star wars or something. There was one morning I went to go tell Josiah that I was going to be making pancakes in a few minutes for breakfast, and he said "Mom, okay, but you don't have to watch us play!" They enjoyed having their "own" boy time!


Annelise said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun in your new house. I can't believe you had so many people over when you can be having this baby anytime now :)

Judy said...

I love all the flag shirts! What a great tradition. My mom always buys everyone 4th of July shirts that match, only the adults aren't included. Maybe we need to fix that next year!

Jen said...

Love the flag tees - I really liked the material they made them out of this year, very cool and breathable.

anthonyandbeth said...

i did miss you this year! missed you last year too. must have been the Lord preparing me that you wouldn't be at the beach for 4th of july anymore. :) i'm glad y'all could be at the water though! :)