Thursday, July 31, 2008

Got Our Money's Worth!

So he DOES have a little bit of perfectionist in him - see the airplanes all lined up? Josiah used to do that ALL the time when he was 2 and 3!

Do they look like they are up to no good, or what!
I thought I'd start Callie training on the obstacle course now so she can go on the show "Wipeout"!
All 3 of the kids loved the animal center - SO much fun!

Doctor Schrodt - looks good, doesn't it!

Callie did this slide probably 100 times each time we went! LOVED it!

My sweet Jacob - in his own little building world!
Callie would walk around all the centers with her hands full of these animals!

Remember how I said last Thursday, several of us girls went to Birdie's( to have a playdate while Beth & her kids were in town? Well, it was the same price to pay for the day that morning or get a "trial membership for the week", so of course that's what I did. And boy did we get our money's worth! We went back on Monday morning - and lucked out, they were doing a craft that morning - and then went again tonight while David had band practice for our last night on the free membership. The kids all so enjoyed themselves each time. They have all these different centers of play in one room, and then the "running" room has an inflatable and a jungle gym. Anyways, we had a ball. There was something for all of them and I loved watching each of them and their personalities!


Natalie said...

Looks like fun. We have yet to go there....I am sure the boys would love it.

The Stein Family said...

Callie always makes the best faces! I love that picture. Looks like a great time! Looking forward to seeing Callie on 'Wipeout!'

anthonyandbeth said...

it was such a fun place! you were right to suggest it! glad you got your money's worth! :) i'm working on getting my pictures posted today...stay tuned! :)

Mandy said...

So you did go last night? Wow! You do know how to get your money's worth:) Glad you all had a good time. The pictures are cute:) They were definitely re-energized after their lucky woman you:) haha!

Jen said...

Love that place - we're considering joining. I think it would be so good for Anna. Glad your "trial mem." worked out!

Heidi said...

I still have yet to check this place out. It looks so fun! This will be our new winter activity when I'm big and huge and can do nothing but wobble around or just sit and watch the kids play contained.