Thursday, July 17, 2008


Jamie M., I owe you BIG for finding out about THIS one!!! GIRLS - on July 30, you can get a slice of cheesecake (any variety) from the Cheesecake Factory for $1.50!!! It's their 30th anniversary celebration. TOTALLY going to be taking advantage of this one! We should make a reservation for 30 of us and all go for dessert!! Can you imagine???


Heather J said...

Katy - you are now officially the QUEEN of good deals!!! Amazing!

the mccollums... said...

ha ha....yeah!!!! I'm going to be in VA on the 30th so I will just have to have a date with my nieces at the CF! Be warned that the lines will be super long that day for sure!

Judy said...

I love living in a small town, but you always make me so jealous. We don't have a Cheesecake Factory, or Baskin Robbins or Ben and Jerry's or even a 7-11!!! Chick-fil-A is about 20 mins away, so we didn't make it for the free meals there. We never get free stuff. How very sad!!

Judy said...

You'll have to tell Josiah that Christian loves the picture of him making a funny face on the side of your blog. This was the conversation we had about it:
Christian: "Who's that guy with the funny face."
Me: "That's our friend Josiah."
Christian: "Where his house be?"
Me: "It's a long way away."
Christian: "I want to go there to play. I can make a funny face at him."
Me: "Well, we can't go today."
Christian: "How 'bout tomorrow?"

momof5boys said...

Oh more deals!!! LOVE IT! Now I am the only one in my family who would eat it, so I would be going by myself:( We just got back from our deal at McDonald's! They all seemed to like it! I will let you know If I find any more deals!!

Mandy said...

Count me in on that reservation:)

TheHudsonFamily said...

I was getting ready to send you a message to count me in but then I realized I will be in Maine!!! Believe me.... there aren't any Cheesecake Factories from the sticks where I'm from :) Have fun girls and have a piece for me!

dandsratz said...

I'm IN!!! Make the reservation!!! YUM!!! :)

anthonyandbeth said...

marking this one down!