Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Lazy Day at Tutu's House

We went for a walk around a lake near my Mom's house and found this fabulous vine hanging down. The kids loved doing flips and tricks on it!
Later that afternoon, we headed to the pool where the kids LOVED the slide!!! Josiah must have gone down 100 times!
Mary going down the slide
Luke is QUITE the swimmer & diver! He showed Josiah all kinds of new tricks!
Sweet Mary

Kim, Mom, Kristen, and Mary chatting (and Matthew listening in!)
David (Oates) - always the leader - organized some kind of game with the kids in the baby pool during an adult swim period.
Jacob went down the slide with David
David (Oates) with LOTS of kids - Mathew, Luke, John, and Jacob!

Kim was blowing water out of one end of the noodle and it would splash up into Callie's face - she just laughed and laughed!
Jacob had his hands FULL of pretzels for a walk around the block that we went on to pick up Kristen's birthday cake.

Look at how CUTE these cousins are!!!
We celebrated Kristen's birthday that night with her (it was on June 30). This was the card that Josiah made for her.
Luke was showing Kristen his card.

Her birthday cake was from DQ and it was YUMMY!

Mom bought a little oak table and chairs years ago when Kim first had her babies. It was always the kids table at Tutu's house. She had a great idea to trace the kids hands on the bottom of the table and sign and date it.
Here they ALL are!!! All 7 grandkids!
L-R Callie, Josiah, Jacob, Luke, Matthew, John, and Mary
David (Oates) holding Matthew
Don't we look like ice cream? Yummy!!!
Katy, Kristen, Mom, and Kim
...and here's us with the MISSING sister - Kelli!!! We missed her!!! She and her husband couldn't make the trip, so we talked about her and how much we missed her all weekend!


The Stein Family said...

I love that idea with the hands -- I'm going to have to do that on the bottom of the kids' table too!

Courtney said...

so fun to see everyone! mary is so grown up!!! please!

Mandy said...

That is a wonderful idea tracing the kids hands! Jake and Sadie have a kids table that my sister and I used when we were kids. There is all kinds of writing on it! It is kind of fun to see the things we wrote as children! I wish we had thought to trace our hands...that would have been so cool!

Natalie said...

What a great family visit! Looks like the kids had a ball.

anthonyandbeth said...

you girls look GREAT! love the picture of you girls including kelli! :)