Monday, July 14, 2008

Deep Thoughts from Josiah and Jacob

I so love my job on mornings like this. I am so thankful to God (and to my husband) for providing a way for me to be able to stay home with my children. It's these little conversations that I love "overhearing" from my boys that make all the other "hard stuff" worth it!!! On the way home from the gym this morning, this is what I overheard in the backseat:

Jacob: God can pick up these buildings, Josiah.

Josiah: Yeah. He can do anything. He can do anything He wants to.

Jacob: Yeah. And he doesn't have a body. He lives in heaven, right Josiah?

Josiah: Right. And Jesus can too. He can pick up anything. Anything on earth - He is stronger than that.

Jacob: Yeah.

Josiah: He died on the cross. For real. Do you know why Jacob?

Jacob: Why?

Josiah: Because it hurt him so much. Remember all that mean stuff the bad soldiers did to him? If Jesus didn't do it, then we would have had to. And it would have hurt us so much. So Jesus did it so we didn't have to.

Jacob: Yeah. Look at that motorcycle out your window.

Josiah: Yeah, that's cool. But Jesus didn't stay dead, right Jacob? He came back to life! And we won't stay dead either.

Jacob: Yeah - we'll come back alive in heaven! But the bad guys made a bad choice and are going to go to hell.

Josiah: We don't say hell Jacob.

Jacob: But they are because they don't have Jesus in their heart.

Josiah: Yeah, but we asked Jesus in our heart, so we get to live in heaven.

Jacob: Yeah, and if there are sheep and lions in heaven, the lions will be nice to the sheep.

Josiah: Yeah!

Jacob: But if there were bunnies in heaven, we couldn't get them. Right Josiah?

Josiah: Yeah. They are so fast. But we could ask God! He could make them slower! Right Jacob?

Jacob: Right!

Josiah: And one day we will get baptized. I'll get baptized when I'm 30!

Jacob: Yeah.

Okay, so we're going to have to revisit that part of the theology lesson. I think he must have heard the story about when John the Baptist baptized Jesus...when he was about 30 years old...I guess!

How I love these little boys. How I love how inseparable they are MOST of the time. How I love how rough and tumble they are with David. How I love that they are so sensitive to the Lord and love Him with all that they are. I love that it is SO real for them. I think grown-ups make it too difficult sometimes. That idea of "faith like a child" - it's so HUGE! I love that they are growing up with these truths in their heart! My prayer is for them to continue to deepen and strengthen as they grow older!


Jen said...

Such a good reminder to all of us to have BIG FAITH! I love the part about not saying "hell" what a great big brother!

the mccollums... said...

OH MY WORD---that was the CUTEST dialogue I have heard in a very long time!!! :) I like the brief motorcycle distraction!! SO reminds me so much to have faith like a child...our God really can do anything like pick up big buildings! :)

The Stein Family said...

I often find myself wishing I could live a day in the world as my kids see it. Oh to be a kid again! This story is so touching.

momof5boys said...

I love going on all of your small groups blogs! You all have a very special bond! I hope I can keep up with mine! Such a sweet conversation of your boys! So many stories are told right in the back seat of the car! Hey,I got another freebie for you! McDonald's is having on Thursday, buy a med. or large drink and get a free southern style chicken biscuit for breakfast, or southern style chicken sandwich for lunch and dinner! And no dressing up needed!!! You know where the Dalton's will be!

jenn said...

How precious! I would have been in tears trying to keep the car on the road! :)

TheHudsonFamily said...

PRICELESS!!! They will love looking back at their little backseat conversation someday.

Natalie said...

Too sweet. I love conversations like these...gotta love the motorcycle tangent!

Courtney said...

it makes all the "hard" moments SO worth it! :-)

Mandy said...

I too love the motorcycle distraction:) so cute!

anthonyandbeth said...

they are so cute! this was a big conversation between the two of them and how great it was that you got to listen in on their cuteness!