Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yes, We're Back!

Yes, we're back, but heading back out again, so you're just going to have to wait a FEW more days for pictures and stories from our trip. YES, we had a wonderful time together. YES, the kids did great and had so much fun with Aunt Kelli and Uncle Scott. YES, we missed our kids a LOT while we were gone. YES, they even missed us! It was a wonderful trip - one that will be remembered for a long time. It was good to be all back together again. The kids did AWESOME on the drive down and back, too!! We are heading up to DC tonight to see my Mom and the other 2 sisters from FL that will be up for the holiday weekend. We'll be back home LATE Saturday night and I hope to get caught up with blogs on Sunday (we'll see though...)

It's been a whirlwind of a week with getting caught up on things here and getting ready to head back out this weekend. My heart is heavy though for a few friends. Josiah's SS teacher had a heart attack while we were gone, so we are taking a meal to her tonight. Also, some friends of ours from small group and struggling with their 3 week old son (he was born a month early) with some heart problems. There is no blood flow from the left side of his heart to his lung, and he is in surgery now to potentially put a stint in to keep one of the veins open until they can do surgery in another few months. He's only 3 weeks old, and weighs 5 pounds, so you can imagine how heavy his parents' hearts are. Be praying for them. Lots going on. Lots to be worried about and stressed about in this imperfect, sin-filled world. It's been one of those days that really makes me long for heaven.

Have a wonderful weekend - I have LOTS of great pictures from FL to share with you all, and will have even more after this weekend. Wait until you see the new shoes that Callie got for the holiday! One of her teachers from the Y gave her a pair of sandals that are the CUTEST things I've ever seen - her daughter had worn them the year before. So you can be looking forward to that. Happy 4th of July everyone! :)


The Stein Family said...

So good to hear you're back, even if only for a short time. It's too 'quiet' around here with hearing from you and reading your blog! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

The Stein Family said...

I meant without hearing from you and reading your blog!

Judy said...

Welcome home!! I'm sure you've been busy catching up on laundry and trying to restore order to your home. I feel like that's what I've been doing all week and I was only away for the weekend.
Thank you for sharing the prayer request about your friends little boy. It brought tears to my eyes. My heart is aching for them and I will certainly be praying. Please keep us updated so we can all continue to pray. One of my favorite things about blogging is how it can bring the body of Christ together in times of crisis.
Have a fun 4th of July!!! I can't wait to hear all about your trip when things settle down.
You've been missed.

dandsratz said...

Yeah!! I can't wait to see the pictures, AND the perfect shoes on that sweet little girl!! :) Happy 4th!!!

Jayne said...

Can't wait to see the pics and hear all the good stories and romantic moments that will keep you going until the next time!!