Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Oates Visit Tutu! - July 4

Kristen and I started the morning off with a run, of course!! (as if walking all around DC later that day wouldn't be enough!) It is SO much fun running with my sisters - we were able to get all caught up on life with each other. We both agreed, however, that the miles around Mom's house are much hillier (is that a word?) than either of us are used to!!!
Matthew and Callie (poor Kim, Callie is a few months older and was teaching Matthew all KINDS of new tricks!!!)
This is how the cousins were MOST of the weekend - always in some stage of playing Star Wars or Transformers or something! I LOVED seeing them!
Matthew and Callie - looking to escape I think!
I got to steal Matthew for a bit and go for a walk with all the kids to let Kim & Mom have their morning coffee!
L-R Jacob, Josiah, Luke, John
I LOVE this picture!! Kristen and I had the babies and the big boys were in front of us (somewhere) on our walk to the playground!

THERE'S the big boys!
How many boys can that tire swing handle?

Even Matthew got in on the action! :)

It has been many, many years since my oldest sister, Kimberly, and her family have made a trip to Virginia. They lived in CA for the first 10 years of their marriage, so we were all SO excited when they moved to south Florida several years ago. David (Kim's husband) is a pastor at a church in Tampa now, and they decided to take a few days of vacation this summer to drive up to DC and visit my Mom. We, of course, had to take advantage of them being so close and so we drove up to spend the weekend with them as well. They have 4 kids (Mary-11, Luke-9, John-7, and Matthew-1). Kim and I had our babies just a few months apart, so it was very fun to see them together as well. The cousins play SO well together and had a BALL!


jenn said...

Wow - Looks like so much fun with all those kids!! :) I'm sure you all had a blast!

Mandy said...

Looks like some awesome cousin time:) So nice that you could all be together!