Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Visit with the Williams' Family

The boys had fudge pops (Harrison said "You mean it's like frozen chocolate milk?") on the patio.
Jackson "feeding" Shamu - you can always tell which kids have moms who are breastfeeding younger siblings! :) I have a picture of me doing this same thing when I was 2!!!
Jackson and Jacob giving Baby Addison some love. They are cut from the same cloth - very hands-on, very affectionate, and have to be reminded of how to love "gently"! :) But both VERY good big brothers!
As always, Callie just LOVED Addison. Just thought she was the greatest thing!

Beth and her kids drove up from NC this week to spend a few days visiting with family and friends. Harrison starts 1st grade (HOW is that possible!) on Monday, so this was the last hoorah before summer vacation is over for him! We missed their visit at July 4th since we were in DC, so we were SO excited to get to see them again! On Wednesday, we spent the morning at the pool. Sorry - no pictures. Too many kids that I was holding on to. The kids had a ball, and Beth & I lamented on the fact that although we didn't get to sit and talk for hours (again, too many kids we were holding on to!), ONE day we'd be able to sit in lounge chairs at the pool and read magazines and chat while ALL of kids just swam and played! :) It was fun though!

Thursday morning, we had a playgroup for Beth at Birdie's. It's an indoor play area with all kinds of different play centers set up for kids ages 6 and under. They also have a jungle gym and inflatable for the kids to climb on. It was a wonderful place - all of the kids had so much fun! From our 5 and 6 year olds down to the babies toddling around - there was something for everyone! And it was air conditioned, indoors, and contained - so the mommies could sit and catch up without running around after kids! It was a great morning. Afterwards, Beth & the kids came over for lunch and to play for a few hours. It's always so good to have them all back together. We all had SO much fun!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

we have had the best week! i'm so glad i brought the kids up. it was the perfect ending to harrison's summer track out! i can't believe first grade starts monday!!! ahhhh!!! thanks for spending a little bit of each day with us. i loved each activity! :) loved hanging out at the house like old times! it's been a fabulous week with the schrodts! if only anthony and david could have shared in the fun! :)

Jen said...

Wow - isn't it great to get your best friend all to yourself! We do appreciate you sharing her a little bit!!! Looks like all the kids, even the girls had a fabulous time together.

Vonda said...

Wow Katy, it looks like y'all had a great week catching up...I can't believe how big Callie is looking these days...she is not a baby anymore huh???