Sunday, July 13, 2008

Small Group Beach Day!

I won't even try to name everyone in this was just SO fun!!!
Natalie (on the right) chatting with Mindy (on the left)...Mindy's 3rd baby is due next month, and she looked GREAT!
Some of the daddies dug a big hole and put a tarp over it. David was filling it up with water in this picture - it was a big hit!
Josiah and Jacob playing baseball with Anderson...
Jen and Heather on the "Mommy Boat Ride"
Jamie and I - laughing our heads off because Heather (who was taking the picture) about fell off the boat WITH my camera!
Natalie & Tiffany in the back, Dave & Sue in the middle. Jen, Jamie, Heather & I were in the front.
Back seat - Jamie, Sue, Jen
Front seat - Katy, Natalie, Tiffany, Heather
What a GREAT idea to do a Mommy Boat Ride!

Here are the dolphins that we saw - they were so close! And now we all know that Jen is the official dolphin caller! :)

The three heads in the water is my family and I jetted off with the girls on a quick boat ride! David was holding Callie (see the white hat?), then Josiah was in the middle), and Jacob on the right.
Here was our "camp" as we returned from the Mommies Boat Ride! The daddies did a GREAT job holding down the fort. I was NEVER worried!
Dave took one last ride out with Mark & Anderson Judd, and my boys with David. They LOVED it!
Mr. Mann caught (or found?) a crab in the ocean - the boys all came running to check it out!
While the boys were all standing around the baby pool looking at, Callie came marching over, got in the pool, and picked it right up to get a closer look!!! Sue about DIED!!! That's our girl!

We had our 2nd annual small group beach day on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, and the fellowship even better! We invited the Maggiore small group to join us, and so the more, the merrier! We had a great lunch together and just enjoyed relaxing by the water and seeing all the kids play. Dave indulged us all with boat rides, and we even were able to see several dolphins jumping right by the boat! David and I were talking on the way home about what a difference a year makes - last year, Callie was only 3 months old and it was a MUCH different day. Still enjoyable, but we had to leave after a couple hours to get home for naps, etc. The kids all had such a fun time this year - were really able to swim around in the bay, - it was just a wonderfully, enjoyable day. How grateful we are - TRULY - for our friendships...not only for David and me, but for our KIDS to have too!


Jen said...

Thanks for letting our group join in. I wouldn't call it a relaxing day on the beach, but it sure was fun!

Mandy said...

Looks like a great day! You guys have so much fun together! It was nice to get to meet some of your group members today!

anthonyandbeth said...

looks like so much fun! when i got the evite from sue i SO wanted to be there with all of you! maybe sometime it will work out! your kids are at great ages this summer and i know you are enjoying these fun summer activities!!! and blessed from heaven with these wonderful friendships!!!