Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friday June 27 - Schrodts Back Together Again!

On Friday morning, Kelli drove the kids down to our timeshare to give them back to us! :) We were all SO excited to be back together. It had been a WONDERFUL and refreshing week for us as a couple, but boy did we miss our 3 babies! Kelli went back home and we spent the morning and afternoon just as a family. The boys loved trying out our snorkeling gear in the pool!
Callie mostly moved rocks around at the pool!
After naptime at our timeshare, we checked out and headed back to Kelli & Scott's house. I had to pack up their stuff and get the van loaded, because we were going to be leaving early that morning. After dinner, Uncle Scott took the kids outside for the promised ride on the skateboard (I think it has a different name, because it's longer than a regular one, but I can't remember it).
Uncle Scott and Jacob
Uncle Scott and Josiah...preparing! :)
Uncle Scott and Callie
The boys were also excited to show us the "water bombs (balloons)" that they did earlier in the week. Scott was such a good sport!

We were so glad to have our kids back with us. They had so much fun, but were glad to see us too. The only bummer about this day happened at our timeshare after naptime. I had been at the pool with Josiah, while David took a nap with the two little kids. When they woke up, they decided to walk down to the beach so they could see it. David didn't think about putting shoes on - it was only across the street, after all. Well, they got down to the sand, and it was SCORCHING hot! He scooped up the kids and ran as fast as he could down to the water. It was too late - he burned the bottoms of his feet VERY badly. He managed to get back up to our room, but the blisters were TERRIBLE! When Josiah and I returned from the pool, we found him in quite a miserable state. So it was a bit chaotic - nursing his blistered feet, managing 3 boisterous kids so excited to see us, trying to get all our stuff packed up so we could check out, and loading the car back to Kelli's. Crazy! And David was useless to me because his feet were soaking in ice...It was a rough "back to reality" kind of few hours!!


Scott Pete said...

Sounds like you are having a killer time...I love swimming!

anthonyandbeth said...

one big happy schrodt family again!