Tuesday, July 8, 2008

June 19-20 - First Days at Kelli & Scott's House

On Friday during naptime, Kelli and I went to get our toes and nails done. I had to leave David a note because he was taking a nap, too! We discovered during our manicures that it was the same lady that my OTHER sister, Kristen goes to!
Kelli is a reading specialist (Has her Master's Degree in reading and is ALMOST done with her PhD), so getting to read books with her before bed is the BEST! She was reading a request from Jacob - one that he remembered her reading at Christmas time. It's the 3 Little Pigs, Hawaii style! We first read it when we lived in Hawaii and she has a copy now (Erica, you've got to find it - it's the BEST!)
Look how happy they all were in the car - it was such a blessing! It really was very fun!
Kelli and Scott found this jogging stroller in their neighbor's trash one night while on a walk. They grabbed it, washed everything, and it's BEAUTIFUL! It's a $300 stroller than someone just was done with (that's Palm Beach for you!). One of those jogging strollers that has SPEAKERS built in at the top by the cupholders for you to plug your ipod into! She let us take it home to be able to use for Callie. It is MUCH easier to push when you're running - she was laughing at us pushing our regular double stroller during the last race. This was us filling up the tires with air.
Callie likes the new ride!
Playing GoFish in Kelli's backyard. (Kelli said that she and Josiah played EVERY game in their house the week we were gone - he's quite the gamer! She taught him some new ones too - Hearts and War!!)
David and Chloe (the dog) taking a nap together on Friday. It's so nice to be on vacation!

It was great to be able to spend a couple days with my sister and her husband. The funny thing about these first days though, was that Josiah and Jacob kept saying "When are you leaving Mom? Why are you guys still here?" So they were ready for "their" vacation to begin! I was so glad to know they were excited about their time!


Judy said...

Aunts are the best!! I think it's so cute that the boys wanted you to leave so they could stay with Kelli and Scott by themselves. And it looks like they were having a grand time reading and playing games!

Daniel said...

Callie and her new wheels! :) Awesome find! I can't wait to get to my nieces in a few weeks and watch them for a whole week! Its going to be fun...I already have my stash of books and puzzles to bring with me and all the silly songs and games that I have been learning in camp this summer! SOunds like the boys and Callie had a great time with Aunt Kelli!