Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Key West!!! (Tuesday & Wednesday June 24-25)

David and I rented a scooter to ride around the island on, and it was SO fun just riding around! The island is not that big, and it was so relaxing and fun! He even let me drive it - it was scarier than I thought! But boy did David love it!
We were able to see Ernest Hemingway's house - he has all these weird cats roaming around the place. Strange!
Waving hello to Fidel Castro!
On our drive from Delray Beach to Key West, the drive was absolutely breaktaking. The last 1.5 hours was through all the many keys and the water was crystal clear and gorgeous! We passed through the city of Marathon, and of course we had to get a picture of THAT sign!
They had this HUGE statue in front of one of the museums. Some artist goes around making huge sculptures of famous pictures and adds a current element (thus the suitcase by Ma and Pa). It was just enormous!
All over the island of Key West were these random roosters! Just roaming around! Very strange...
We had dinner at a restaurant that surrounded a pool! Had my first taste of mahi mahi (dolphin) - it was yummy!

After dinner, we intended to ride down to the pier and see the sunset celebration (QUITE the party, we hear!) However, our beloved scooter died on us, and we instead had to WALK it back to our hotel. The place that we rented it from was already closed for the night, so we were stuck until morning. Ironically, the place we rented it from was called "moped hospital" as you see on the sign. It was pretty hilarious! The good news was that we were back in our hotel room and got to see the debut of Celebrity Family Feud!!

On our way back to the timeshare the next afternoon, we stopped several times along the drive through the keys and would pull over to the side of the road and go snorkeling! It was more unnerving than I thought it would be - to be underwater and bracing yourself to see things. We saw a few fish - nothing crazy, but it was very fun! It was so nice and relaxing to have the freedom to take our time with the drive like that. Something else we could never do with the kids.

One of the last things we did before leaving the island and heading home was stopping at THE Key Lime Pie Factory. It's the best in the country, and Food Network has done a special there with Paula Deen's it was DEFINITELY on my list. It was incredible - we had the Pie on a Stick, which is frozen key lime pie that is dipped in chocolate. Holy Cow!!!

Heather, this sign was for you! We passed "judd's corner" several times while in Key West, and didn't want you to think we had forgotten you or your boys while we were gone! :)


The Stein Family said...

What a great time!

Mandy said...

Wow! You guys had an awesome vacation together! On your Mahi Mahi experience...that is one of my may want to clarify that it is dolphin fish, not dolphin, though. Yikes, that would really give PETA something to freak out about! haha! Seriously, you got some wonderful photos and it is undeniable that you all had a wonderful and much deserved time away together!

Mandy said...

Oh, and key lime pie on a stick...WOW! I would totally be there!

jenn said...

Ummm...sign me up for the key lime pie dipped in chocolate. YUM.

Jen said...

Key lime pie factory - oh my!

anthonyandbeth said...

you guys look like you had an incredible time celebrating 10 fabulous years together! you look like one hot mama!!! i bet david loved having the time alone with his smokin' wife! :) i love all the pictures of the two of you! you look like newlyweds! :) too cute!