Friday, October 12, 2012

Yep. He totally IS this cute!

Love this.  I had put him on the couch so I could finish up dinner...he was crying and not happy about it.  I asked Callie to go sing to him and she did...and he stopped crying!  :)  They both loved it!


Judy said...

What a sweet picture at the end! I'm sure Callie is a great big sister! She's had lots of practice.

Katie Kitchens said...

He IS so cute!! Please tell me what you are doing to get him already lifting his head so well!! I have tried soooooooo much tummy time with Molly but she just plops and won't even TRY to hold her head up. I have to put her on the bumbo to get her to old her head for a little bit. What is your secret? :)