Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Very Different Kids

 This poor baby gets no personal space...
 ever!!!  Thankfully, he doesn't mind too much right now :)

We took the kids to play at our neighbor's house while David and I headed up to school for parent/teacher conferences.  The school has these two days set aside for conferences.  The teachers never say we need one, but we ALWAYS request them...we feel like its important to meet with their teachers face to face at times.  To develop a good relationship with their teachers. So the teachers know we want to work with them in teaching our children.  And also so that our KIDS know that we are totally involved and know whats going on with them at school!!
 Callie happened to be "Cougar of the Week" this week - this is her poster that she got to bring pictures in for :).  
Judah was the only kid that got to come with us :)  He was just hanging out while we waited for one of the teachers. Such a sweet boy.

The conferences were great.  I love all their teachers.  They are all doing great - both academically and socially.  It was hilarious though - we got 3 different reports.  Lets see if you can guess!  One teacher said our child could work on their volume level.  One teacher started out the conference by saying "let me just say that your child is a trip!!".  One teacher said that our child is a total teacher's dream and she wishes she could have 20 others just like our child.  :)  It was so fun to get to hear and see how our kids are doing from the teacher's perspective and hear they are doing great!  We are SO blessed with the school our kids get to go to and VERY thankful for the classes that God placed our kids in this year!  :)


Katie Kitchens said...

I bet you and David are the coolest parents! I would have loved to have parents like y'all in my classroom - so involved and supportive! :) It really DOES make a difference and I know your children's teachers appreciate all you do! :)

sandi said...

let me guess:

the dream child is josiah (just like sam)

the "trip" child is jacob

and volume child would be callie.

am i close?