Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. John Forys

Saturday morning, Mom had to play for a choir rehearsal (real life does have to continue sometimes!)  We had a low key morning, focused on some behavior issues that always tend to rear their ugly heads when on a trip and single-parenting, and headed out for a walk to the park!
  Mom had these little boxes of pretzel sticks that were leftover from her choir retreat a few weeks back - the kids LOVED them!!  :)  Makes me wish I had a Costco in SC!
 One of the best things about the area that she lives in is all the walking trails that are EVERYWHERE!!!

(See the kids' adorable sweatshirts - Mom got them each a new Washington DC hoodie or sweatshirt!  Love them!)
 Looks like fall doesn't it?  It was so gorgeous!  Our leaves hadn't started falling like this yet so it was fun to see!  And her leaves are so much BIGGER than ours!
 Walked down to a little playground nearby
 The little two were on the tire swing, and the big two were giving high-fives on the swings.  Then they wanted me to try and capture them jumping off the swings so we could text it to Daddy :)
 It took a few attemps, but I finally got them!  Here's Josiah...
 and here's Jacob!
 And here's me and Judah just to prove we were there too!
 Yep, I really did walk down to the playground in my pajamas.  I'm not from around there so who cares!  :)
 Josiah said "Mom!  We need one of these chairs - this is so cool!"  (Meaning a recliner - we don't have one.  David would agree with Josiah!)
 Judah had his first big boy bath in the tub!  He liked it!  I think :)  (He's been in the little bathtub but is quickly outgrowing it....)

 Mom had his towel there for him!!  I can't tell you how special this is.  My kids LOVE that they all have their own towel at Tutu's house.  Absolutely precious.

 Callie had her first piano lesson from Tutu.
(It makes me so sad that I haven't been very consistent with teaching the kids lately....sigh...)

I gave everyone a kiss, and Judah and I headed out to go to the wedding!  Mom was so gracious to volunteer to stay home with my kids so that I could go!
 It was gorgeous.  Hannah was absolutely stunning.  The weather could not have been more beautiful.  The wedding was outside at a manor overlooking the mountains.  Totally gorgeous.  And there was a little hurricane coming through (Sandy) but you wouldn't have known it.  God must have delayed it a few days just for Hannah and John!
 Hannah and Mr. Smith (her dad) as they walked down the aisle.  I remember SO clearly standing behind Hannah at Courtney's wedding.  Hannah was the maid of honor. She was 12.  As we were waiting in the hallway to go down the aisle she burst into tears from the emotion of it all.  Now here she was getting married!  I adore her family.
 Picture is lowsy in this tent, but Courtney and Pat were reading a blessing for Hannah and John during the ceremony - so special.
 I stayed through a little bit of the reception and loved getting to catch up with some dear friends.  This woman.  Lisa.  Poured into my heart for so many years.  I really don't know what I would have done without her.  And that's not an exaggeration.  She discipled me.  Counseled me.  Laughed with me. Taught me. Corrected me.  Showed me how to make roll out sugar cookies for the first time ever.  Her husband was my youth pastor.  She and Tim did the premarital counseling for David and I. Tim married us.  It was SO so good to get to talk with her a little bit.  Not NEARLY long enough.  When I left my heart was sad and I realized how much I have missed her. And how much I WISH that we lived closer so that David & I could be more of a part of Tim and Lisa's life.  Would love for them to mentor us in ministry.  Oh I am so very very thankful for God placing her into my life.
And these girls.  I have many a picture of the three of us.  Me, Courtney, and Jenny.  Didn't get to talk with Courtney much - she was a little busy as the matron of honor :) - but got to see her precious children and husband and hug their necks.  Got to talk with her a bit and tell her instead of just text or email how much I love her!!!  Jenny and I got to catch up more at the reception - her husband was doing the video for the night so when she wasn't being his assistant, it was GREAT to get to hear about all that's going on with her.  I am so thankful for the memories that we have made throughout the years and to get these little glimpses to catch up with!

Saw lots of fun friends from the church that I grew up with.  Precious ladies that knew me as a young child and that just marvelled at Baby Judah and hearing that I had 5 kids of my own!  Sweet friends.  It was a really special night.  Congratulations Hannah and John - would NOT have missed your special day for the world!  I was a tired girl heading home that night...knowing I had a LONG drive the next day that was going to start very early....but WELL worth it!!!

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Courtney said...

again. you were SO amazign to be there! i LOVED seeing you! and WISHED it would have been longer!