Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

 Set up Josiah's party in his class and then headed over to get Callie's party ready to go.  Mrs. Stewart had these cute cute out posters and the kids had to give clues for the person to guess what they were :)  I remember doing this when Jacob was in her class too!
 Judah slept through part of it!
 Kindergarten is pretty fun!
 Callie's spot on the mat is in the front - and her eyes are GLUED to Mrs. Stewart all the time.  This girl LOVES school.  Every part of it.  I ask her every day what her favorite part was and her answer is always the same - "MOM! I love ALL of it!"

 I didn't realize it until we got there, but Callie and Caleb looked like twins!  :)  (Caleb was feeling a little shy...don't know why....except that he was supposed to be taking a nap at this time and was instead in the middle of a kindergarten class party!)
 This was the sight that Judah woke up to!
 Callie was a pumpkin :)  She guessed it!
 Since he cancelled choir practice (!!), David came home a bit early to work on the pumpkins.  Beth sent me a super cute idea that I totally copied.
 Josiah was a football player
 Callie was a princess
 Caleb was a dragon
 Jacob was a ninja
 and Judah was batman!  Squeezed him into this outfit one more time :)


 Josiah and Noah...the two football players :)
 David's finished handiwork!  Beth's idea was the polka dot pumpkin - isn't it adorable?  I was making dinner and came in to discover David working on the John 3:16 pumpkin...pretty impressive work I'd say!!
 Football in the court since all the parents said it was still too early to start trick or treating!

 Patiently waiting...
 Our neighbor Max was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle :)  These two are adorable together!

 And they're off!  David took the kids around while Judah and I stayed home to pass out candy.
 Melodie, our lovely accompanist, lives towards the back of the neighborhood.  She is a HOOT!!

After David and the kids did the back half, they came home to bring me Caleb and the rest of them went back out to do the front half.  Caleb stayed with me and sat on the porch and handed out candy to the kids.  Sweet times with my sweet (sticky) boy!  :)  It was a fun night!

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