Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finally! Haircuts!

I thought I had been so smart.  Scheduling Jacob's well check for a Wednesday afternoon so that we could go straight after school.  He wouldn't have to miss any school.  What I didn't think about is that meant I'd have ALL 5 kids with me in the teeny waiting room. UGH.  Should have taken him out of school!  :)

 This is Callie in the waiting room.  I looked down and found her like this.  On the floor.  Rear in the air for everyone to see.  Watching the movie that was playing.  Oh my.  At least she's not insecure right :)  
 After his well check, we went to get haircuts.  FINALLY.  They needed them for WEEKS but I just didn't have a spare minute to take them.  They both wanted to keep it sort of long (which meant I couldn't cut it), so I took them in and look how handsome they are!  Can see those beautiful blue eyes again finally!  :)
Headed to McAlister's Deli for dinner where all my kids ate free (kids eat free Mon, Tues, Weds with adult entree purchase).  Score!  

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