Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just the girls!

Beth has been dying to get her hands on Baby Judah, so when her boys tracked out of school and took a few days for a trip with their grandparents, we figured it was the perfect time for the girls to come down and visit us!!  

 Addison walked down with me to the bus stop...
 ...and this VERY excited girl came RUNNING off to bus to give her BFF a hug!  :)
 I even let Judah take a nap on Mrs. Beth instead of his bed - they were both pretty cozy :)
 Josiah and Jacob were bummed that THEIR buddies couldn't come, but they kept her entertained with some new magic tricks they learned.  Beth and I joked that it was the most she ever saw them - usually when the boys get together, they disappear into their own world and we only see them at meal times :)
 Beth came and was an honorary alto for choir practice :).  My fellow altos weren't really happy she was there because she held the baby the whole time and didn't share :)
We came home and had a homemade apple pie - yummy!

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