Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating Jacob

Since we decided that the "fair" was going to be a big part of Jacob's present, we did a very low-key celebration the next day.  What he really wanted was just to have two of his best buddies over to play and hang out and eat cake with that's what we did!

 Started off with a flag football game....sporting his new "eye black" of his birthday presents.  He LOVED it!
 Jacob even shared a set with his brother to wear!

After football, we brought his two buddies Cooper and Charlie home with us to spend the afternoon.  He finally got to open his presents (he went straight from school yesterday to the fair - so he had to wait to open his presents until this afternoon!)
 Opening a card from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Chris
Aunt Kelli always includes a book...this one is called "It's Great to be Eight" and has excerpts from different books all about 8 year olds!

 Wii soccer game from Tutu
(I just LOVE how his face just LIGHTS up when he is excited!)
 Charlie got him this set of SEC football helmets - awesome!
 We are so thankful for Charlie - he was in Jacob's class last year and this year - he lives in the neighborhood next to ours, played flag football on Jacob's team this year, his room was a co-room mom with me - we just love them!!
 We got him this movie...they were so thrilled!
 Had some tacos for lunch
(Cooper apparently didn't want his picture taken!)
 It was a gorgeous afternoon - perfect for a little trampoline fun with our neighbors Sage and Beckham

 David and the big boys played football in the court for a while
 Loved it.

 Sage and Callie are on the same cheerleading squad at Upward too - so they cheered the big boys on :)

 Waiting patiently for cake and ice cream!

 Of course it's a football cake!  :)

We added a few of the neighbors that happened to be outside too - the more the merrier right:)

Happy Birthday Jacob!  We love you so much and are LOVING seeing you grow and mature!  You are so loving and sweet with your baby brother, and I know that God has GREAT big plans for that sweet heart of yours.  Always remember that He wants you to be a leader for HIM and to point others towards Him.  I love you Jacob!!

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