Thursday, October 25, 2012

and we're OFF!!!

Crazy day today.  Trying to get all our stuff packed up.  When we got Hannah's wedding invitation months ago, I wrote it on the calendar in PEN and decided I wanted to try and do whatever I could to be there.  Hannah is the youngest sister of one of my dearest friends, Courtney and I didn't want to miss her precious wedding!  We were excited to get to see my Mom for a quick weekend trip as well, and so I was ready to go!

Of course had a room mom thing at school that I had to do first (in two different classrooms).  Was carefully choreographing everything so that Judah's feeding time would line up just right.  Phew.  

 After Callie's thing in her classroom, I told her teachers that I needed to go feed Judah and then would come back to dismiss Callie early.  They volunteered to let me feed him in their supply closet (they are the BEST!).  Caleb was THRILLED to death to find their dinosaur bucket in there!  :)  I fed Judah, signed all the kids out, and we took off!!  
It was quite a road trip.  I was flying solo...the first time with 5 kids....500 miles.  David couldn't miss church on Sunday so he stayed home.  The kids did GREAT.  Josiah sat up front with me which was fun! Judah was a champ - stayed awake when he was supposed to, slept GREAT just as though he was in his bed!  We stopped at a McDonalds with this AWESOME indoor playground and the kids played while I fed Judah and then we ate dinner.  Stopped once more later on and the kids had ice cream cones while I fed Judah again.  Got to mom's around 10:30 pm.  I made it!!

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Courtney said...

i still can't believe you did that...youa re a ROCKSTAR! and so amazing!