Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My littlest and my biggest

Just some cute pictures of my cutie pie :)  Getting so strong and holding his head up!

 This is when one of those big fancy cameras would be nice!  :)

 This is Caleb at 3 months (Judah is just about 2 weeks younger than this).  People are always saying how much Judah reminds them of Caleb but David and I just don't see it!  Are we crazy?  This picture is Caleb wearing the same sweater that Judah's in today.   What do you think?  We still say he looks much more like Jacob.

Josiah has been saying for weeks that he wants to be a football player for Halloween.  In a real football uniform.  Since we don't have a real Gamecock uniform, David saved the day and was able to borrow a Northside Crusader uniform from the academy :).  Josiah was SUPER excited and wanted to try it on right away.
 My heart skipped a beat when I saw my baby boy in this big uniform.  Not ready for this. At all.
This is one excited kid about his costume this year!

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