Saturday, October 20, 2012

More from Beth :)

We had so much fun when Beth and Addison were here!  Since it was in the middle of the school week, Callie was at school and I was a little worried that Addison would be sad without her.  Caleb was a good fill in though - he followed her around very well :).  We headed up to have lunch at school with her and that helped :)

 Addison is a great little mommy :)

 Beth brought her fancy schmancy camera with her and offered to do a little shoot of Judah....but he was in a "zone out" mood and didn't cooperate a whole lot :)

 It was kind of hilarious actually - he just stared at her camera...probably looking at his reflection in the lens or something :)

 There's a little bit of a smile...

 Beth sent him this outfit when he was born - we love superheros in our family!
 This picture was taken on Beth's iPad in the MIDDLE of choir practice.  We were a little bit distracted I suppose :).  Probably should have been listening to David or singing or something.
She did get this GREAT one - My fave!!

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