Thursday, October 11, 2012

Visiting at school

We went up to school to have lunch with Callie on Thursday.  Addison loved getting to see Callie's school...and Callie was thrilled to show her!  After we had lunch, we went back to her classroom to watch her for a little bit and then head out to recess.

 It's always so fun to see Callie in this element.  She is totally on task, eyes glued to her teacher, doing exactly what she's supposed to do....hmmm....Anyways, they were singing this adorable new song that they had learned the day before.  It's the names of all these different restaurants and things and is a song where they add another name each time and they have to go back and remember all of them (same concept as Father Abraham, etc).  It was hilarious!  
 Addison enjoyed holding Baby Judah too - actually everyone pretty much does!  :)
 Caleb was a sick patient...he just lets these two girls boss him around mostly :)

 Judah was SO happy Mrs. Beth came to love on him!  I was pretty happy myself!
 Our neighbor came over and it appeared that we found a twin in the house!

 SO very thankful for this special friend.  We lived in Virginia Beach together 6 years ago...and yet it still feels as though she's 5 minutes from me...even though we are in different states!  Thankful for her friendship through it ALL!
 See you again SOON!!

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