Friday, October 5, 2012

Sky Top Orchard 2012

I had been looking forward to this day for WEEKS!!  We started apple picking when we moved here to South Carolina - some friends told us about this fabulous orchard and we have been every year since then - this was our 3rd year!  It's always tricky to find the right day to go.  Our Saturdays are always full with football once the fall kicks off, Sunday is obviously not an option, and since its 2 hours away, you sort of need a whole day to do it!  Because of the parent/teacher conferences, the kids didn't have school Friday or Monday, and David has Fridays off - so Friday was the perfect day!!  

It ALMOST didn't happen.  Caleb came in our room around 3am crying - he had thrown up in his bed.  He laid down on the floor in a sleeping bag in my room and I got up with him twice more during the next hour.  After that he slept okay and when he woke up in the morning, he said, "Mommy!  I'm not sick anymore!" in his usual chipper voice!  I wouldn't give him anything to eat and after a little discussion, we decided to still go ahead and do our trip.  I brought some trash bags, lysol, febreeze, and a change of clothes just in case!  He slept a good bit of the drive and was totally fine after that!!  I was so thankful he was- must have been something he had eaten that just didn't settle quite right!

 Apple picking is awesome - the trees are nice and low so the kids do great!!!  They picked fuji first while I was nursing Judah, and then headed to get me some granny smith for baking!

 Jacob's favorite part is getting to climb up in the trees to get the high ones!

 I kept a very close eye on this one...every cough or sigh made me jump!  But he was great!

Got some golden delicious for making applesauce...

 Walked ALL the way up the mountain to look for jonagolds next but they had all been picked...we bought some prepicked ones in the store when we checked out with our apples.  Look at that view!!!
 His energy level wasn't quite the same...he sat with me and Judah while the rest of the crew were hunting for the Jonagolds.
 Took this picture of all of them, when some nice lady came and offered to take one with all of us in it...
 and THIS is apparently the picture she took! Of my back side!  Nice...
 She finally got it figured out :)

We finished up by getting some fresh apple cider and some warm apple cider donuts - to DIE for - and then got back in the van to drive home.  It was a GREAT day :)  Love these traditions!

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