Saturday, October 13, 2012

A fun fall day!

Our Saturday mornings are filled with flag football and cheerleading right now and it is so much fun!  It is very busy and hectic, yet we love it!  I'm thankful that the 3 older kids are all playing through the Upward league that our church runs, so it means practice is one night a week, for one hour (all 3 practice at the same time), and their games are all on Saturday mornings - done by noon.  Same fields, same location.  Christian coaches that are so great at encouraging them all along the way.  LOVE it!!  

 Caleb got to participate in the half-time relay...although he got really nervous right before the "go" whistle, so David had to run alongside of him :).  He won us a free kids' meal coupon from Texas Roadhouse though!
 It has been so precious to watch Josiah interact with Judah.  He is not a touchy feely kind of kid, so he's never really "aahed and cooed" over the other babies.  He's old enough now to really be more interested and aware and he is so sweet with Judah.
 Apparently David decided to make my sweet baby look like Woody from Toy Story!

 After naps and some playing outside, we headed over to Clinton Sease Farm to take a stab at their 8 acre corn maze!  They do a theme each year and this year it was called "the Race to the White House"!  Isn't that amazing?  That is really what the maze looked like!  :)  Super fun! The kids earned free tickets from the Library reading program this summer, so we were excited to go try our hand at it!

 They had clue stations all around the maze where you could answer questions about the government and get a clue about your location.  The boys were really into it!

 We were kicking ourselves for not bringing the snuglie!  We had the stroller and assumed we could push it through...but the ground was sand...not stroller friendly!  Good thing Judah's not too heavy yet!
 The view from up on a bridge....

 Bringing up the rear...
 Lost in the corn maze!!!  :)

 I really would have raised my flag about 5 minutes into it.  One of the qualities I am SUPER thankful for in David is that he has an amazing sense of direction.  Mine is terrible.  He knew where we were...somehow...and an hour later, we came out the finish!  Never even had to ask for help.  I was astounded.
 They had a whole bunch of other super cute stuff for the kids to play around on, so David took some pictures while I fed Judah.

 I got to ride down the super big slide with Caleb - whee!!  :)

After we finished at the farm, we went to eat (again, thanks to the reading program, had 4 free kids' meal coupons at Fatz Cafe).  It was dark when we came out of the farm, and was certainly later than usual.  We had had late naps that afternoon, a snack before we left, so I was aware.  The kids howeverl thought it was the middle of the night when they saw how dark it was!  In reality, it was 7 pm.  When I told them we were going to a restaurant, Josiah said "Are you sure it will still be open this late Mom?"  I died laughing.  I guess that it IS the middle of the night for them - considering they are normally in bed at 7 pm!  :)  I told them that Aunt Kelli prefers to eat dinner at that time...or even later - and they were floored!  :)
Came home and watched a little Gamecock football - the reason that my 9 year old took a nap that afternoon!  :)  Go cocks!

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sandi said...

sam took a nap yesterday so he could watch the redskins game last night. love that they love sports.