Friday, October 26, 2012

Cox Farm

i S.Q.U.E.E.Z.E.D Judah into this sleeper one last time.  It says "Going to Grandma's" on the front - and I thought it was appropriate :).  Once he woke up, I changed him into his first 3-6 month outfit...and it fit perfectly :)  Guess my baby isn't so little anymore!
Mom had taken the day off from work, so we headed out to Cox's Farm to have a little bit of fall festivity!
Is that not the biggest pumpkin you ever saw?
Looking at the cute little baby piglets
Jacob on the biggest rope swing I ever saw!
Josiah's turn!
Caleb fell off pretty quickly :)
They had all these super fun long slides everywhere! Jacob
Caleb.  Not afraid at all to go by himself!
Now THAT's a pig!
Those are my kids heads poking out of that dinosaur thing!

Callie said "Mom!  It's cinderella!  You have to take my picture!"  :)

The most FUN hayride ever!  It drove all over the farm past all these cute characters and stuff....and then before we knew it, we drove THROUGH a swamp!!  Scared the tar out of me but the kids thought it was hilarious!  Did that two or three times.  Thank heavens we never got stuck!!  I was holding on to Judah so tightly!!!

Passed by a spaceship with some hilarious aliens during the hayride!
A little snow scene :)
My little hatchlings
Even helped Tutu pick out a great big pumpkin for her front steps :)

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