Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles


It was pure torture not being able to keep all of these.  Made them to give to each of the kids' teachers at the parent/teacher conferences tomorrow.  The other half I mailed to Kelli in a little care package.  She just had a baby a few weeks ago and as it that weren't enough, is finishing up her dissertation to get her doctorate!  It's a little nuts at her house right now - her husband is also gone 3 days of the week for work, and her 3.5 year old is....3.5!! - so I decided she could use a little love!  :)  Sent some of our old Little Einstein/Jay Jay movies to Joseph and some pumpkin snickerdoodles for Kelli.

I ate know, quality control, and let David taste one...and then packaged the rest was tough!  Promised myself I'd make another batch for us to enjoy SOON!

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