Friday, October 19, 2012

Jacob's 8th Birthday

 We started off the day with birthday donuts of course :) 
 This boy.  His smiles are always the real deal.  Never the fake "smile for the camera" smiles.  His are always radiant.  I love that about him. (And please note that he didn't JUST eat sugar for breakfast - he also had an egg sandwich :)  )

This guy is pretty cute too.  We texted this picture to Tutu just to make her smile :)  It worked!
 A little basketball with Caleb in the morning is always a fun way to start the day!
 See how far back he's standing?  See how the ball is going right in the hoop?  It's nuts how coordinated he is.  With every sport.  Definitely doesn't get that from his mother!

 Looks like he's trying to get his balance :)
 Poor Judah.  This is how he spends most of his day - with his brother ALL.OVER.HIM!!

See what I mean?

 Went to have lunch with my sweet boy.  He LOVES when I come for lunch.  And I love that I get to.  (Oh he desperately needed a haircut.  But when I say we just haven't had time, it's true!!).  
 Watching him as "four square KING" at recess.  He is such a leader with his peers.  I remind him alot to be a GOOD leader and a positive influence - because people do look up to him and I want him to use that influence for good!

After lunch, I dismissed him and Josiah and brought them home.  David and I decided to let them go to the FAIR this year!  It is a HUGE deal here.  Like the whole city revolves around it for two weeks.  I didn't grow up going.  David did.  And loved it.  So we got tickets for David to take the older two as a special thing for Jacob's birthday.  They were SO excited!!!  These are the pictures that David took while they were there.

 My favorite ride!!!  David hates these - makes him sick!  :)
 There were a few rides that Josiah opted not to do. (He is the more cautious one :) )  This apparently was one so David took a picture of him waiting at the exit while he rode it with Jacob :)
 Makes me totally nervous that my babies were up there in that seat by this contraption that was riding on a truck down a highway a few weeks before!!!

 Apparently David was on another ride with Jacob :)

They had a great time.  Were totally exhausted.  Went to a hypnotist show that was hilarious.  Loved seeing all the rides and eating the fair food.  David did say that it wasn't as HUGE as he remembers it being as a kid.  Gotta love perspective!  :)  But the kids had a great time and it was a special way for Jacob to get to spend his birthday!

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sandi said...

looks like fun! somehow i missed that you had updated your blog. must have been when i was on my computer break... loving the pictures.