Monday, November 22, 2010


I love being on vacation. I love staying in our jammies extra long. The boys think it is so fun when they get to sleep in a "transformer" bed (also known as a pull-out couch).
I remember family vacations when we were growing up and have such great memories for them. Callie thought it was awesome that there was a TV in her room - she was watching a movie ON her bed which was SO fun to her!!
I love that our kids are making these memories too! I'm so thankful for the time away. To relax together. To have fun and be silly. To say "YES" to a whole lot of things that we don't get to say yes to back in reality.
Caleb kept climbing up and "talking" on the phone. I'd ask him if he was calling Tutu and he'd get his cute little smirk on and just laugh and giggle.

We spent some time down at the indoor pool. We had to wait for a few minutes for the water aerobics class to finish (it brought back memories - I did it all through my pregnancy with Callie and loved it!), so we played in the kiddie pool first. We LOVE water!!!

BIG scoops of ice cream on ice cream cones...while watching a movie in bed - does it get any better than that? We rented the new Karate Kid movie and it was GREAT! My kids were totally transfixed!!! :)

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