Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Rocky Start

We had some last minute packing to finish up in the morning and then planned to get right on the road, but my little Caleb woke up in the morning with a fever. He had not been totally right the day before, but had just finished up an antibiotic for an ear infection. When he woke up with a fever, I knew I had to take him in. I couldn't leave town and then end up in urgent care or the ER with another ear infection. So we had a little detour before officially getting on the road! Thank heavens for our pediatrician with weekend hours!

Josiah and Jacob were still trying to figure out their new DS things that they got - they'd never been so entertained in the waiting room before! (See Jacob taking a picture of David? It has a built-in camera!)

The verdict? Yes, ear infection and upper respiratory infection. Poor little guy. Got his prescription, thanked the pediatrician, was much relieved to have that taken care of before leaving town, and headed to CVS to get his medicine. Ended up grabbing lunch at Subway before FINALLY getting on the road around noon to head to vacation!!!
And here's Jacob after we had to stop the car suddenly when I heard a little voice in the backseat say "I think I'm going to throw up Mom!" He didn't quite make it out of the car, and so we had a little mess to clean up. But afterwards he felt much better, and while he was sitting up front as we cleaned everything up, he told me was hungry and wanted a snack!!! Poor guy - he's been the one to deal with carsickness more than the others....we were driving through mountains and it just didn't help him any.
While we were stopped on the side of the road, we figured we may as well make it a potty stop, so the other kids climbed up the hill to......explore.....
David had to get into the monster on top of the van to find Jacob some clean pants to change into. What a trooper!
All right, everyone back in the car...except move Callie to the way back seat next to Josiah and Jacob sat in the middle next to Caleb...we'll try that.
This little guy is the best traveller. All our kids travel well - but he looked like this the whole trip - for real!
Callie? She's a great traveller too, but was in a mood about something - I can't even remember what - but when she's not happy, everyone knows about it!

We finally arrived, safe and sound, got checked in, and the boys wasted no time in playing while we got set up in the timeshare. Aaaah - vacation can now begin!!

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the wiedmaiers said...

okay, you know i can totally relate to having a car sick child... the worst. and callie reminds me of morgan when she is in the car. she's okay for general running errands, short trips, but a bear on long trips.