Saturday, November 27, 2010

Headed home again...

It was SO great of Mom to let us stop by her house for an extra day with her. We totally loved seeing her again and getting to "break in" her new kitchen with her! It was so special to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving to her - and very kind of her to delay it a day until we got there on Friday! :)
This turkey centerpiece was given to Mom at a biblestudy she was a part of in Hawaii (where I was just a toddler). We've had it every year at Thanksgiving and I'm always happy to see it out again each year! :) Yes, I'm a little crazy about traditions! :)

Back on the road and headed home. What a WONDERFUL vacation! We have always loved going away the week of Thanksgiving. It truly feels like a break for us - a good time for us to get away and regroup before Christmas hits full swing with musicals and concerts that David & I are both in charge all the regular Christmas stuff. We loved being away!

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