Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Governor's Cup Half-Marathon

We were all up bright and early on Saturday morning to cheer David on for his third half-marathon!! He had trained hard and was ready to go!
Didn't he get a cool number?? :)
That's the starting line up by the balloons (and you get a smart taste for the course - LOTS of hills...ugh!)
Callie and Caleb were bundled up and ready to watch for Daddy at about Mile 1.5. My friend Jenn let the boys spend the night with her and then she took them to their Upward flag football game. I felt very torn between watching David's race and seeing the boys' last game. I finally picked David - after all, I saw the other 5 games of their season! :)

I almost missed David running by us at Mile 1.5 (he's right behind the SUV - see his black shorts with the green stripe?) - I was dealing with a 3 year old who was whining about her jacket...
There he goes - on pace, looking good!!
Saw David at about Mile 4 - we were heading to our next spot to watch him and got lucky seeing him cross the intersection! :)
Some chocolate chip muffins kept this one happy for a while!
While we were waiting, we saw Indiana Jones run by us! :) Was running with a lasso and golden skull and everything! (We saw him at the finish too - he really did run the whole thing dressed like that!)
Here comes Daddy! We had waited a LONG time at this point - we knew something happened, but wasn't sure what. Was VERY relieved to see him running towards us - but as he passed us he said it had been awful. He got some really bad chest pains - heartburn - and it just wouldn't go away. Could not get it to clear up and eventually had to stop and walk a few times (which he NEVER EVER does). He was spitting mad. He couldn't ever get his original pace back after that and was so ticked off!!!
He finished...but it was not the finish he had anticipated!
We saw "Where's Waldo" too! :)
Callie wasn't super excited when she realized her daddy was all sweaty!
He really didn't want to take this picture. (SO mad about his time). I tried to encourage him and tell him that every race is not a PR - but he was so trained up and ready and then this random flukey thing. Very odd. He thinks it was from the spaghetti I made the night before - I made it with Italian sausage (which we've had a bunch of times) and he thinks maybe it just didn't settle right. He did great though - he finished another half-marathon (and it's not like his time was horrible!) I told him it's the curse of the 3rd 3rd one was my worst one too!!


Heather said...

i feel his pain!! poor thing! i can't believe i even signed up for another one after my last one was so bad!!

jenn said...

ha! i love callie's face in the pic of her and david! :)