Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Natural Bridge

(I copied this one in out of order...sorry)

Right next door to the Wax Museum was the Natural Bridge (our main attraction :) ). We had been once before the last time we vacationed here 4 years ago, but were excited to go back. My Mom had never been here before and so she was very excited to see it! On our way down, we toured through the Toy Museum and had SO much fun seeing toys from the last 100 years!

Callie LOVED all the dolls...

The boys LOVED all the Star Wars stuff...

See the sign that says "Please do not touch". That was a HARD one to enforce! It's almost like toys and children are magneticall drawn to each other!

Time to walk down to see Natural Bridge now!

It's just breath-taking. It's one of the 7 natural wonders of the world and is just AWEsome. We loved seeing it again and hiking around on the trails.

My big boys. I kept remembering when we were here last - I was pregnant with Callie and the boys were 2 and 4 years old!!!

We were attempting to get a family picture....possibly for the Christmas card....but it was like pulling teeth. Oh well!

Caleb practically gave my Mom a heart attack wanting to climb every where on the rocks :)

We had a great time. We stayed and watched the "Days of Creation" show here they used different lighting effects on the bridge and read the biblical account of creation straight from Genesis! Then they played a recording of George Beverly Shae (OLD timey gospel singer) singing The Lord's Prayer and then the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing God Be With You! We loved it! A great ending to a FUN filled day! :)

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