Tuesday, November 9, 2010

regular life

so far, it's been one of those nice, "regular life" kind of days. i rather enjoy them. yesterday i felt like i was able to get a lot accomplished. it's my big cleaning day (and BIG it was after that mess that was created over the weekend!), but i was actually able to get it all done! there are lots of weeks where something doesn't get finished - floors, bathrooms, something - but i actually did finish it. kids came home and got their responsibilities finished up (homework, piano), and we were able to play outside. all was well until callie sort of fell to pieces over nothing (it was a no nap day) and we had to come back inside and fast forward to bath & bed time. but all in all, a good day. got the rest of my clothes switched out last night (summer to winter) and am looking forward to the fact that i'll be able to fit in clothes i haven't worn in the last two years after being prego/having caleb!!

good morning so far. kids are both napping right now. had storytime at the library - and we read & sang "he's got the whole world in his hands". i LOVE living in the Bible belt!! been on the computer alot today with details for my kids choir program/presentation. tshirt sizes, dates to remember, mailings to go out, answering parents asking stupid questions that they would have known the answers to had they READ the emails/letters i sent out, etc. :) ran this morning and it was ROUGH. don't know why - it was 6 miles that felt like 16!! legs felt heavy most of the way. wore a long sleeved shirt with my shorts for the first time this season! definitely a chill in the air! :)

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Courtney said...

ok. FINALLY catching up on your 29 new posts in my reader :-)

LOVE long sleeve with shorts days!

GLAD you had a "normal" day! those are precious, aren't they??