Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FINALLY beginning to look like Christmas!

It's normally our tradition to set up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. (After the Black Friday sales of course). But since we were travelling this year, we knew we were going to have to wait. So our next plan was to set it up on Sunday night. But that got scrapped because I had to have a children's choir rehearsal at the last minute that wasn't originally scheduled. I was quite conflicted - thought many times about just doing it while the kids were at school. Knew it would be faster and quicker. Thought about setting it all up with David after they went to bed, but that wouldn't be fair either. They were so looking forward to it, and so I decided we'd just suffer through a late night on a school night. We hurried through dinner as fast as possible and then got to work!

I'm not sure what Caleb thought we were doing, but he was sure enjoying it.
The boys enjoyed pretending they were in a coffin - gross.

They all went upstairs and changed into their robes. (Callie's robe came from a neighbor with some other hand-me-downs. She was SO excited to have a robe like her big brothers!) Isn't God good!! :)
Josiah provided some atmosphere for us by playing some Christmas music.
Playing with the nativity set - one of my FAVORITE things to watch my kids with during Christmas time. Lots of great memories of my sisters and I arranging and rearranging the nativity set growing up. My mom bought us all the same starter set and gives us each a new piece each year. I LOVE it!
Hanging the ornaments!

Callie got to hang the angel this year! Now off to bed and I can finish up tomorrow! :)

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