Friday, November 19, 2010

Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes!

I had been SO looking forward to doing our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year. And had been looking forward to it since last year. I had watched a video last year AFTER I had finished our couple of boxes (we did 4 shoeboxes last year - 1 for each of our kids) and it was so inspiring and convicting at the same time. This lady did 40 shoeboxes for about $40!! She kept a box in her closet and just kept filling it up with things for the shoeboxes throughout the year. Flip-flops she picked up on clearance for 50 cents. All kinds of different FREE things from the drugstores that we couponers get - toothpaste, soap, toothbrushes. Samples of all different things. I was so inspired last year - I had just started this extreme couponing and thought "man! that would be awesome to work on it all year long and see what I end up with!" Well, we didn't get 40 boxes, but we had a GREAT time doing it! I've already started filling up my box again for next year! My kids were aware of it all year long too, so this was a great family giving project.

All of our supplies - ready to be filled!!

Packed and ready to go to a child somewhere that needs to hear the Good News of Jesus! Each box will have a gospel tract put in that's written in that child's language! Isn't that awesome! We gave our donation for shipping online so that we could track the boxes - so far we know that 4 of the boxes were delivered to Guyana, Ecuador, Belize, and Abkhazia (never even heard of that one!).

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Judy said...

wow, look at all those boxes!!! Awesome!! We've already started filling our tub for next years boxes. I found some great stocking stuffer stuff on clearance at Walmart after Christmas!! I've found that after each holiday (Val. day, Easter, etc) is one of the best times to stock up. I also keep an eye on clearance stuff at Target. Last year I found a stack of wash clothes for $.48, so I bought a bunch to put in the boxes.