Friday, November 12, 2010

A Happier Day!

Lots of smiles today. Just what we ALL needed!! This little girl REALLY loves when it's her daddy's day off...especially because she has him ALMOST to herself while the boys are at school! :) We went to the running store downtown to pick up David's bib number and race bag - his half marathon is tomorrow! :)
We drove the course - it always seems so long when you're driving it...and you think to yourself "i have to RUN this whole thing?" I'm not even running it and I still get all fluttery thinking about it for him. He's excited though and feeling good (well, except for the fact that he felt something "snap" in two of his toes when he was running on Tuesday....) Had his pre-race lunch at chili's (just like beth & i did before ours). Callie & Caleb ate free thanks to free kids meals coupons we had from football, and so it was almost like a really cheap date! :)
We spent a lot of time playing outside this afternoon. The boys went to karate tonight (a different class time than they usually do, but it's open to kids if they need to "make up" a class...and since the boys weren't allowed to go last night, it worked out...) and then we all had our carb-loading spaghetti dinner! Yum! Caleb's new favorite thing in life is ranch dressing - i let him dip some french fries in it at lunch today, and when we were putting it on our salads, he started asking for more tonight at dinner! I've created a monster!!! :)

The boys are spending the night at my friend Jenn's house (THANK YOU Jenn!!) so that she can take them to their football games in the morning and I can watch David ROCK his race! :) The younger two kids will get up early with us to head to the start! I'll let you know how he does - he's going to be AWESOME! :)