Saturday, September 1, 2007

Can you believe it's September? Really?

Other than the fact that David has started back to school, I can't believe it's September!!! Christmas will be here before we know it!!! Anyways, the weather has been beautiful, and it looks like it should stay that way all this next week. I'm getting excited about the fall weather!!! The boys have been talking non-stop about their birthdays that are approaching, so it's making me realize that fall is almost here!!! Crazy!

Yesterday afternoon was a long afternoon - David had to go straight to William & Mary after school to perform with his band, so we didn't get to see him at all. Just made for a long afternoon/evening. Today was a great family day though. We got some yard work done in the morning, which felt VERY good. (Counts as some kind of a workout, right? I didn't run this AM) Then after Callie woke up from her morning nap, we headed to Botanical Gardens. They were having a "birthday party" to celebrate their 1st birthday after building the Children's WOW gardens. It was so much fun! The boys loved getting to go back (we went on Tuesday with the Judd's) and show David everything they had seen. The staff had lots of different crafts and activities set up for the kids in honor of the "birthday", and even had birthday cake & juice!!! We spent most all of the day there - got to explore some new paths, walk around the "grownup garden" as Jacob called it, and just loved being outside together! David's getting very excited to take them camping - they just love being outside!! So it was quite fun.

We came home and all the kids were worn out! David headed down to the Oceanfront to sing again tonight, and the kids got baths and in bed early. 7 pm - all 3 kids completely asleep after our big adventure! Aaahhhhh. Nice and quiet for me tonight!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

I can't believe it's september! The boy's birthday's really are right around the corner. So glad you had fun at the Gardens! All this talk makes me want to check them out the next time we're in town! Sounds like you have a quiet house...hope you have a wonderful quiet evening!

Heather J said...

You know what comes after birthdays, but the holidays. It will be 2008 before you know it! Glad the bday bash was a celebration! Wow, 7pm - what a treat!!

Jayne said...

The time is flying by, but who doesn't love cooler temps and Fall stuff! It was time for summer to be over-I think one gets to the point where it's time for new activities. The beach and the pool have had their run, and now it's time for something else! The Hoare's LOVE FALL!!