Monday, September 10, 2007

Even if they ARE Cowboys fans....

Here are the girls - Rebekah, Callie, and Bailey. They had SO much fun together. Callie LOVES these girls!!!

And here are the boys - they had a blast!!! (Joshua was woken up early from his nap, and wasn't super happy about that fact). They had a blast together though!

A LOT of time was spent playing trains together - all 5 of the big kids crawling around this track. Hilarious!

Rebekah and Josiah - our BIG kids - working hard on some masterpieces for the parents during rest time.

All of our precious children - Jacob, Josiah, Joshua, Rebekah (holding Callie), Bailey. I am so thankful for these friends!

Even if they are Cowboys fans...we still LOVE the Cassada family!!! One of my dearest friends from high school, Courtney Cassada, came with her family to visit us on Saturday night and Sunday. They were on their way to Nags Head for vacation (and thankful that Gabrielle turned out to be not a big deal!), so they broke up their trip by stopping at our house. The kids had a blast - she has 3 also - and had so much fun playing together!!! I usually am able to see Courtney & the kids when I'm up in Northern VA seeing my mom, but it has been FOREVER since the 4 of us adults got to catch up with each other!!! The time went by WAY too quickly, but we look forward to the next visit as always.

Oh -and picking up 6 kids from Sunday School was exhausting! :) And the Titans AND Cowboys won on Saturday! :)


Heidi said...

What a fun's so great to get with friends from the past and even better when they are in the same place in life that you are with having the same amount of kids and all. Any arranged marriages? Ha! Only kidding

anthonyandbeth said...

sounds like a wonderful time! i'm sure it did feel WAY TOO FAST!!! hopefully you guys will get to see each other again soon! i know the kids had a ball! :)

Heather J said...

What a treat! It sounds like your home was all a bustle!

Jayne said...

What a great visit! Glad the weekend was a success adn you got to catch up on YOUR turf this time! It was a great Sunday for them to visit SHores for sure!

dandsratz said...

What fun ya'll had!! I remember seeing Courtney's picture from your Northern VA trip over the summer! What a blessing to have a treasured friend like Courtney!!