Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day! (Glad I'm not in labor!!!)

Don't you always think about the poor women in labor on Labor Day? I always do! One of my friends actually was several years ago!! Anyways, hopefully everyone (else) has been enjoying their day off from work!!!

We very much enjoyed our Sunday afternoon yesterday. David, Callie, and Jacob enjoyed a big nap after church, and Josiah and I enjoyed some time together & at the Y. I went ahead and got my run in, knowing that I probably wouldn't want to get up early today!! Then we headed to one of our city parks up the street for a picnic dinner. The Virginia Symphony played a concert, and upon arrival, we learned that they would be doing fireworks afterwards!!! It was quite a wonderful evening - nice and relaxing (thanks to David who took the boys every now and then to go run while the girls sat and listened to the beautiful music!). We all really enjoyed the peaceful family time. And the fireworks were GREAT!! It was a pleasant surprise to have those!!

Today, our cul-de-sac had a neighborhood cookout to celebrate the holiday and say goodbye to one of our neighbors that is moving to CA. It was great fun to get together with everyone (who doesn't love a Cookout!), and the kids (there are about 20 of them - literally - on our court) had a blast!!! They played a bunch of water games, and REALLY loved the Spiderman slip & slide!! That was Josiah's VERY favorite!! Tonight, we headed down to the oceanfront to hear David's band play at 31st street. The weather was beautiful, the kids enjoyed playing down at the water & in the sand for a while, and I always love to see my husband performing! A fabulous weekend for sure!!

Tomorrow is a big day for several friends of mine - their children start school tomorrow or Wednesday. Know that I am praying for each of you and your precious children too!!!!


anthonyandbeth said...

I so wish we could have joined you for the symphony concert! I love those! ...and fireworks is a GREAT surprise! especially b/c we missed them the 4th of July! :) Glad you had fun with your neighbors! I would love to see all of those kids running around! I bet it's a fabulous sight! :)

Jen said...

Praise God I'm not in labor - that would be long overdue. Sounds like ya'll have a had a great weekend. I can't wait till our culdesac has block parties. Maybe I'll have to instigate that. Thanks for the prayers about preschool, as exciting as it is, I'm a little sad to be sending her off. I know she' ready for it though.

Jayne said...

I never did know what Labor Day was for, but glad for another holiday Daddy doesn't work! Sounds like you have a great neighborhood like the Ratz's. Full of families. That's great for the boys-lots of playmates! The symphony and fireworks sounds great.