Sunday, September 16, 2007

Goin' Bowling!!!

My handsome men and their very handsome shoes!!

This was a very popular place for Jacob - he loved standing here watching the bowling balls come back up! I felt bad for the people that were REALLY trying to bowl in the lane next to us!

Josiah insisted on doing it completely on his own. He was very serious as he watched the ball go down the lane. (And you see Jacob just watching the ball returner!)

I totally forgot to post about our Friday night activity!!! We decided to go bowling!! It was so much fun!! The boys had seen an episode of Curious George during the week and he went bowling, so they asked about if we could go. It was absolutely hilarious - Josiah was SO excited, and of course Jacob just wants to do whatever he's doing. The boys were a riot - they thought it was great that they could carry the bowling balls and throw them down all by themselves. Callie was content to hang out and watch all the action. David & I hadn't been in YEARS - before we had children - and I was astounded at how much nicer bowling alleys are now! We had a blast! Oh - and I didn't take a picture of the scoreboard, but let's just say that I GREATLY benefitted from bringing kids with me - the rails in the gutters are GENIUS!!


anthonyandbeth said...

it looks like you had SO much fun! i love the one of all the boys in their shoes! :) i'm so glad you did it!

Heidi said...

We've never taken Bradley bowling. What a fun and new thing to do!!! Looks like they were loving it!!

dandsratz said...

What FUN FUN FUN ya'll had!!! I LOVE the children's rails when we go bowling!!! I can actually see my ball make it to the pins...its a miracle!! :) Alexander & Dave always like the VERY STYLISH shoes...but I CANNOT STAND putting my toes where someone else's have been.....UGH...just the thought of it gives me the nasty chills!! :)

Heather J said...

I think we might have to borrow that idea and go bowling too! Looks like it was a great time!!

Jayne said...

Bowling is so much fun! I was saying to Trevor the other day that we had to go soon because I love it! I'm not very good, but enjoy it. Maybe going with Grayson and using the gutter rails, I'll break 100!! Glad you had such family fun!!